the first post/what is this even all about

So I’ve never done this type of thing before.  In fact I should note right now that despite the title of my blog, I am not the type of person to go out on a whim.  The last time I did something spur of the moment, was me making this blog—like 10 minutes ago.  It’s creation is the spawn of my conscious saying “yeah you have that 8 page philosophy paper to write… BUT WOULDN’T A BLOG BE COOL?”  Who knows if I’ll even keep this up.  I’m not sure who I’m doing this for or what Im doing this for…maybe myself, maybe for those of you who are interested in art, coffee, FOOD, culture, photography, traveling, designing, procrastination, wasting time, making excuses, staying in bed all day because you can, watching Netflix…you know, those sorts of things.

But why not?  If anything, this blog might help me get out some awkward situations by making me look busy, plus I can work on my typing skills. Perfect.

ok. so. about me.   

20 years old.

undergrad student trying to get my BFA with a concentration in painting and a minor in art history.

completely obsessed with dogs.

i will be studying away in Copenhagen, Denmark all year for my junior year


adore my family

live in Tacoma, Washington

grew up in Montana (greatest place to grow up in the world) 

enjoy keeping to myself and have a tendency to cancel plans

love love love art

love to travel

find so much joy in doing anything creative

get stressed about making plans

currently stressed about making this list as i find it uncomfortable to talk about myself

interested in other people and their ways of life

major believer in karma

hope travel, design, and dog ownership are in my future career whatever it may be